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Android Presentations

Android pour les débutants

French presentation for newbee on android

Bonnes pratiques du développement Android

French presentation for best practices in Android

Android Bootstrap

French presentation for some tips if you want to bundle your application android with some librairies

NFC for Android

English presentation for NFC in Android with highligh of a nfc librairy develop fora ndroid.

HTML5 presentations


French presentation for WebRTC

Quickie Sensor HTML5

Quickie which demonstrate the possibilities of sensors in html5 have (the demos will not work on


Presentation about all new capabilities of the web against native usage (the demos will not work on

Polymer 2

Presentation about Polymer 2

Cutting Edge Web

Presentation about news features coming to web Platform


Presentation about HoudiniCss

JS in CSS, yes we can 🤔

Presentation about how to play js in css

The native web is coming

Presentation about project Fugu



French presentation for AutoML

Démos du DevFest 2014

French presentation for the demos of DevFest Nantes 2014

Rex DevQuest : GameOver

Experience return of the game DevQuest write for DevFest Nantes 2015

J'ai fait un atelier pour les enfants

Experience return of devoxx4kids

Chrome Devtools in 2016

How to use DevTools in 2016

Chrome Devtools in 2018

What's new in DevTools in 2017

Cursus Speaker - Session 1

How to find a subject

Cursus Speaker - Session 2

What to say on stage

Cursus Speaker - Session 3

How to continue and grow